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  • What: a nuragic village built inside a majestic dolina.
  • Province: Nuoro
  • Subregion: Supramonte of Oliena
  • Municipality: Oliena
  • Place: Tiscali

Description: This is a village in the heart of Supramonte. It dates back to the end of the Nuragic period (IV century BC). Visitors are faced with a wonderful view. In fact, the ruins of the village are inside a majestic, calcareous hollow, which was formed by tectonic subsidence.

The village was in perfect condition, until uncivilized behavior of tourists destroyed it. All that remains for visitors to see are the ruins of some buildings, but the natural beauty and charm of the site are worth the effort required to get there.

The village was surely one of the last bastions of the stubborn resistance of the ancient Sardinian people against the Roman invasion.

In the middle of the dolina there is a giant rock, surrounded by a small wood of holm-oaks.

There is a large cave in the side of the rock, which was used as an entrance to the village and for ventilation.

The archaeological area is run by a Cooperative.
Entrance fee (L. 5.000 Italian Lire).
Guided tours available.

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