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Location: between Sisìne and Ispuligidenìe (or Mariolu)  

How to get there
>by sea
from Arbatax, S. Maria Navarrese and Cala Gonone (Gonone creek); an hour is enough to reach it from Cala Gonone.
>by land
it’s suggested only for experts and trekking enthusiasts.

Between Cala Sisine and Cala Mariolu. You wiil be amazed.
Cala Biriola – a name with an odd, unknown sound, that recalls faded images.
Reach Cala Birìola and you will see images taking shape: a little stone arch over the sea, the white, limestone sand, marble-rocks, junipers and the maquis on the rocks.

The water gathers the sunlight, and turns it into colour: cobalt blue, sapphire blue, and emerald green.
It is diffcult to understand how the strong and concrete colours of the sea could also be so transparent; you will admire the deep sounding of the sea and you will long for diving into that dream.

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photo: Domenico Ruju