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Cala Fuili is a very small beach, more majestic than the mountains. Look beyond the Mediterranean shrub, to the dazzling white sand.

Cala Fuili is the first bay south of Cala Gonone.

How to get there
>by sea:
from Cala Gonone, about 1 km
>by road:
drive along the beautiful scenic road from Cala Gonone towards the south.
Park your car and take the path: the beach is only a few metres away.

What a beach!
White limestone, covered by scented Mediterranean plants, endless grains of white sand, the sea invading the mountain-sides in this paradise.
Along the panoramic route that leads to Fuili, the salted expanse of the Orosei Gulf can blur your vision, and it is difficult to distinguish the horizon between the sea and sky.
When you reach the end of the road, the beach is almost invisible.

Take the small path hidden between the trees and shrub. After a short distance, you arrive at the end of the charming “Codula Fuili” (codula means valley in Sardinian).
The beach is very small, and in August it is very crowded. During the other months you can enjoy the natural isolation and the feeling of being miles and miles away from civilisation.

No facilities available, but Cala Gonone is nearby.

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photo: Mattia Vacca