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Cala Goloritze’ is the first bay for those coming from the south. It is located 3 km after the Monte Santo headland.

How to get there
>by sea
from Cala Gonone or from Arbatax.
>by road
from Baunei: follow the road signs from the centre of Baunei to the Golgo Voragine (about 13 km). From Golgo, follow the signs for Goloritze’. It is a good hours walk from where you park your car.

A stone arch rises from the sea, a 120 m tall limestone spire, smooth snow-white marble rocks and a white, sandy beach made of microscopic stones. What a sight!
The sunlight reaches the white seabed, reflects and spreads in the water. Blue, emerald green, turquoise, transparent, deep-blue are among the myriad of colours of the sea. There are underwater fresh water springs, which create a stratum of slightly cooler water.

Enjoy Goloritze’ in the morning, in the Mediterranean light, in silence, in June but also in July.
Here is Sardinia, here is the Mediterranean, the mythical sea of Ulysses and the mermaids, a small sea lost in time.

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photo: Mattia Vacca