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Cala Luna is located 7 km south of Cala Gonone, after Cala Fuili and the Caves of Bue Marino (Marine Ox)

How to get there
>by sea
from Cala Gonone (nearest) or from Santa Maria Navarrese.
>by road
Trekking is both exciting and difficult. There are guides available and nobody should try to go trekking without a guide.

According to many people, Cala Luna is the most beautiful bay in the Mediterranean. It seems to have been created for a movie shot. It includes all the beauties of the Mediterranean.
If you arrive by sea, you will be amazed by the scenery. The high calcareous rocks suddenly appear out of nowhere. In front of these rocks, there is a green and deep valley (codula), which moves your attention from the sea to the mountains. There are 6 “grottoni”, large caves, in the calcareous rock, that open on to the beach.
Pta. Su Masongiu (115 m), shelters Cala Luna from the southeastern wind.
On the beach, there is a small woods with pink oleanders, which partially hides the stream that flows in the codula.
The sun is wonderful although sometimes a little shade is very enjoyable.

Food. Snorkelling equipment, skis and canoes can be rented.

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photo: Piero Rinaldi