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Located between Biriola and Goloritzè

How to get there
>by sea from Arbatax, S. Maria Navarrese and from Cala Gonone. It is an hour’s sail from Cala Gonone
>by road
access by road is only for people who are experts at trekking.

Ispuligi de nìe is the name that people from Baunei gave to this bay. The meaning of this name is powdered snow.
When you arrive at the bay you will understand why they chose this name. Thousands of small and very smooth white, marble stones are in front of your astonished eyes. This is the snow of Ispuligidenìe.
Lie down on this beach, close your eyes, and listen to the sweet melody of the stones being washed by the sea.

This stretch of sand is overlooked by an enormous limestone slope, which is covered by Mediterranean maquis.
The landscape is enchanting. Often you can admire rare hawks flying.
A majestic rock divides this stretch of coast into two beaches. There are many calcareous rocks.

There are also huge rocks that rise from the sea, creating small underwater islands.
This beach consists of small white pebbles that become very hot during the warmest part of the day.
Take a pair of comfortable “non slip” shoes with you.
If you like to sunbathe, remember that, due to its position, this bay is in the shade from mid afternoon on.

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photo: Mattia Vacca