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located north of Cala Gonone, after the Caves of Biddiriscottai and Colombi.

How to get there:
>by sea
from Cala Gonone, it’s about 3 km.
>by land
by car: from Cala Gonone, follow the road signs to Osalla.

Small bends and a stretch of unpaved road are the only “sacrifices” you have to make to reach this small bay. The view is well worth the effort! This bay is a jewel of sand and sea, which appears suddenly among the mountains, in the middle of big rocks that rise on the right and on the left side of the beach.
Fine white sand, where the fragrances of the Mediterranean maquis and the sea delight your senses.
The Cartoe bay, which is naturally sheltered by the mountains, is a wonderful paradise especially in the low season (June, July and September).
There is a sheepfold on the right, with a private entrance. The shepherd is very kind, but the dogs that defend the flock should not be approached.

There is a kiosk that sells cold drinks, ice creams and snacks.

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photo: Mattia Vacca