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S. Efisio Festival | Cagliari | May 1-4
the greatest procession in the Mediterranean area. Mostre e Festival della canzone tradizionale

Sardinia Interfestival | Cagliari | from June to September
Live concert: top bands and singers from Italy and other countries
info > 0039 070 670015 | sarcon@tiscalinet.it§

Cagliari Amphiteatre | Cagliari | from June to August
International Festival: opera, musica, teatro e danza
info > 0039 070 4082232-261-209 | www.teatroliricodicagliari.it

S’Ardia | Sedilo (OR), first week-end in July
A unique horse race which is held every year in honour of San Costantino

Narcao Blues | Narcao (Ca) | end of July
Blues international festival
info > 0039 0781 959489 | www.narcaoblues.it

Cala Gonone Jazz | Cala Gonone (Nu) | end of July, first part of August
Jazz international festival
info > 0039 0784 232539 | ass.intermezzo@tiscalinet.it

La Faradda di li Candareri | Sassari | August 14
Every year, on the 14th of August (the day before Ferragosto), the “Gremi” (the old craft guilds) race down the crowded streets carrying huge wooden “candelieri.

Time in Jazz | Berchidda (Ss) | mid August
One of the top jazz international festival in Italy
info > 0039 079 703007 | http://www.timeinjazz.it

Ai confini tra Sardegna e Jazz | S. Anna Arresi (Ca) | mid August info > 0039 0781 966102 www.santannarresijazz.it

Redentore | Nuoro | end of August
Traditional costumes, horses, traccas (decorated carts), handicrafts, folk traditions. There also is a tenor competition featuring ancient traditional Sardinian songs

S. Salvatore, the shoeless men run | Cabras (Or) | September 3
A 500- year-old rite. A group of young men re-enact the age long fight against the Saracens.

S.ta Greca | Decimomannu (Ca) | last Sunday in the month
Rural festival with food, games and music.

The Chestnut Festival | Aritzo (Nu) | last Sunday in October
Costume parade, shows, food and wine tasting.

Mountain products | Desulo (Nu) | November 1-5
in the Gennargentu mountain area agro-indistrial and handicraft exhibition, traditional music, painting exhibition

Signum Judici | Alghero (SS) | December 24
On Christmas Eve, a traditional medieval chant takes place in Alghero’s Cathedral. The ancient Sibyl chant, whose origins are lost in time, is still authentically reproduced only in Palma de Majorca and Alghero.

Sa Pertusitta, sa zuada and su cabude feasts | Bultei (SS) | December 30
Solemn mass, traditional choirs from Goceano. During this festival the traditional local bread, which represents sheperds culture, is blessed

Cap d’Any a l’Alguer | Alghero (Ss) | 31 December 1 January
la grande festa del Capodanno Algherese: concerti, teatro di strada, mostre, spettacoli e fuochi d’artificio

S. Antonio abate fires | Mamoiada (Nu) | January 16-17
a Pre-Christian festival which culminates in the lighting of big bonfires that burn all night, after religious rites and the blessing of the fire.

Samugheo (Or) | Traditiona Carnival
Mamutzones (men) dressed in goat’s skins, tall cork hats with big horns on top, cowbells hanging from their bodies and faces painted black. They dance around s’Urtzu, a character who is half goat and half man, and su ‘Omadore tortures him until he is sacrificed.

Sartiglia | Oristano (Or) | martedì grasso
Oristano, last Sunday in Carnival and the following Thursday
It is a tournament on horseback where riders show their skill by trying to pierce a star, which hangs above the street, using a sword or a carved wooden stick.

Ottana (Nu) | Traditional Carnival
The Carnival masks are evidence of timeless rites and cultural traditions and hold us spellbound with their mystery.

Mamoiada (Nu) | Traditional Carnival
in the heart of Barbagia black masks, dark, dramatic, sheep skins, cowbells, a rythmical gait, tamed men, a noisy bedlam.

Bosa (Nu) | Traditional Carnival
Carnival takes place along the Karrasegare streets. Bosa puts on its Sunday best and is more beautiful than ever. On Shrove Tuesday there is “s’Attidu”: hired mourners raise an old funeral lament for the dying Carnival.

Orotelli (Nu) | Traditional Carnival
Discover this Carnival through the blackened faces of sos thurpos.

Passion and Holy week rites | Cagliari, Castelsardo (Ss), Alghero (Ss), Iglesias (Ca)
Ancient religious rites and sacred rituals which take place in the churches and along the streets of the city centre, recalling old traditions.