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The data, the territory, the nature, the traditions, the handicraft, useful informations in order to discover every angle of the Sardinia

>>>archives of the zones

it is the center-oriental area of the Island:  the sea, the cliffs, the limestone towers, the rocky walls, the forests, the great spiagge, the bewitched coves  

around to the Gennargentu they are the lands of the shepherds:  the millenarians forests,the ancient traditions, the songs, the prehistorical monuments in the most conservative nucleus of the Sardinia  

 island in the Island:  a plateau born from ancient volcanos, isolated from the surrounding territory, it is the reign of thefiery little horses  

to the north of the Gennargentu it is the wildest place of the Island: the forests and the lunar landscapes, the coves, the gorges and the nuraghi

>>>archives of city

 in the center of the gulf it is the limestone city:  the great beach, ihistorical quarters, the Punician necropolis and the Roman rests, the urban ponds, the walls and the medioeval towers

 the vitality, the narrow alleys of the historical centre, the Aragonese palaces, the walls and the towers, the extraordinary coasts of the Catalan city in Sardinia  

the most extended commune of Italy.  In the north of Sardinia  it is an ancient medieaval city: the singular speech and the unique traditions  

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>>>archives of the towns at the first level

>>At the first level:  specials on the towns of the Island

   Villacidro        Dorgali            Tonara            Castelsardo     Burgos           Bosa


-Villacidro: the forests, the tops of granite, the streams, the cascades that have bewitched D’Annunzio
-Dorgali:  the sea, the ceramics, the skin, the gold, the archaeology, the cliffs and the coves
-Tonara:  the forests, the nougat, the cow-bells, the craftsmen of wood, on the slopes of the Gennargentu
-Bosa: the filet, the ancient tanneries, the beauty of the ancient medioeval village to the mouth of Temo 

>>Cards: essential informations about all the towns province for province 

1-province of Cagliari

2-province of Nuoro

3-province of Oristano  

4-province of  Sassari