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synonyms: Uva di Spagna (Spanish grapes), Bovale grande di Spagna (Big Bovale of Spain), Bove duro a legno duro (Hard Bove), Axina de Ispagna, Legno duro (Hard Wood)…

  • Alcohol content: 12-13% Vol (Carignano Rosso- Red Carignano) 12% Vol (Carignano Rosato-Rosé)
  • Serving temperature: 18-20° C

Organoleptic characteristics

  • Carignano Rosso (Red Carignano): deep red ruby colour, bright, tending to violet; strong vinous fragrance. Fruity fragrance of mulberry, plums and red currants, with a lightly herbaceous scent, fading as it ripens. Dry, strong, sapid, rich and persistent, lightly tannic taste. It is suitable for ageing.
  • Carignano Rosato (Rosé): soft pink colour, with violet reflections, intense floral smell; dry, rich taste, fairly tannic, strong, sufficiently soft, with a light body.

Food match
Red Carignano, uncorked an hour before tasting and served at 18-20° C, is especially good with starters, first courses, roast meat, game and well-seasoned cheese.
Rosé matches very well with first courses of white and lean meats in general.

It existed in the Mediterranean vine-growing areas during ancient times; it was introduced in Spain in the XII cent.
The original birthplace could have been the centre of Carifiera, in the Aragonese area.

The vine probably spread from there to the South of France, the North of Africa, Algeria and Tunisia. It can be scantily found in Umbria and in Tuscany.
The Carignano species of vine has spread out during the vineyard revival in Sardinia, after the invasion of phylloxera. It is especially grown in the coastal areas of Sulcis Iglesiente and in the Sarrabus, Terralba and Santa Margherita di Pula areas.
It prefers loose and poor soils, hilly lands and a particularly dry and torrid climate.

Grapes grown in Sant’Antioco produce an excellent “strong wine used for blending”; it can integrate other lacking wines because of its full-bodied characteristic.

  • Other types:
    Rosso riserva (red Reserve), Rosso Superiore (Superior Red);Novello (New Wine); Rosato (Rosy); Passito (Raisin Wine)