Route: Porto Ferro-L’Argentiera
Difficulty: excursion
Time lenght: 6 hours

Start from Alghero. Leave the city taking the provincial road to Porto Torres. After about 17 km turn left towards La Corte. Continue for about 10 km. Then turn left again on the road which leads to Baratz Lake. Drive for about 4 Km until the turn on the right called “Eremita”, from where our walk begins.

This part of Nurra is called “Nurra di Fuori”. There are a series of hills which extend as far as the coast, where erosion caused by the sea has literally split the rock creating precipices and ravines. 

This area is mostly covered by typical Mediterranean shrub (rock rose, lentisk and lush arbutuses), with a series of endemisms such as palmets and etnese broom. After reaching Punta Belardini (264 mt), from which you can admire the golden beach of Porto Ferro, continue towards Punta Su Caparoni (444 mt) which is the second highest hill in Nurra.

Go along the goat path which follows the ravine on the left, and continue as far as Punta dell’ Argentiera, where the ruins of a World War II building can be seen. The trigonometric reference on the building deserves special mention. After enjoying the view of Capo del1’Argentiera, take a dirt road that leads to the mining village, which was still in use until the 1950s.

If you are lucky enough you may be able to admire the graceful and elegant flight of a griffon vulture.