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  •  what: the Antas Temple is an imposing symbol of the Roman domination of the Island.
  • province: Cagliari
  • subregion: Iglesiente
  • municipality: Fluminimaggiore

The Romans built this imposing temple in an area which was already sacred in the Nuragic, Phoenician and Punic period and many elements that recall previous cultures are still visible.
There is an inscription on the architrave which is dedicated to Sardus Pater Babai, the Sardinian people’s eponymous god.
Carthaginians identified him with their god Sid whose characteristics were later transferred by the Romans to their Emperor.

In plan and decoration there are several elements from the previous cultures. Stairs lead to the tetrastyle pronaos which is the entrance to the sacred cell of the temple. The cell has mosaic floors while the walls were decorated by columns.
On the cell floor there are two Punic tubs that were used for purifying rituals and two entrances to a bipartite penetralia. In the right penetralia the altar has recently been put back. Even the Ionic columns, consisting of non fluted drums, which surround the temple, derive from the Phoenician tradition.

Many archaeological finds come from the area surrounding the temple: potsherds, jewels and many epigraphs (inscriptions on stone).

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