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In Ogliastra, as in the rest of Sardinia, local communities continue the tradition of religious festivals, which often link popular and secular traditions. Visitors, tourists and passers-by, who find themselves in town during festivals, have a valuable opportunity to observe and take part in age-old rites and traditions.
Here is a list of some of the most important religious festivals of the area.
Many take place in small country churches during the hot summer months:

  • January 17th  > Sant Antonio Abate in all villages
  • 1st Sunday in May > Festival of the Madonna delle Grazie at Jerzu; Saint Efesio at Talana
  • 3rd Sunday in June > Saint Basil at Urzulei
  • June 29th > Saint Peter at Baunei
  • 1st Sunday in July > “Stella Maris” at Arbatax
  • July 12th and 13th > Saint Salvatore at Perdasdefogu
  • 2nd Sunday in July > Saint John at Barisardo
  • Last Sunday in July > Festival of Maria l’Ausiliatrice at Lanusei
  • August 15th > Saint Mary at Santa Maria Navarrese
  • 3rd Sunday in August > Saint George at Urzulei
  • September 29th> Saint Michael at Talana