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The varied and diverse characteristics of the Ogliastra countryside contribute in creating a habitat rich in flora and fauna.

On the mountaintops woods of holm-oak and junipers can be found – elsewhere, majestic, solitary yew trees shelter shy moufflons and wild boars.
Many of the botanical species can be found only in Sardinia.

Down towards the coast
The Mediterranean maquis becomes deeper and more intense, and in the oleander and alder woods, eagles and goshawks, kestrels and sparrow-hawks swoop to catch their preys.
A few rare monk seals are believed to be still living in the sea caves of the area. 
In Santa Maria Navarrese there are rare olive trees, thousands of years old.

The slopes of the Gennargentu mountain range
which fall in the region of Ogliastra are scattered with trees and wild flowers. 
The woods and meadows are rich in ancient yews and oaks, cystus, peonies (photo: M.Vacca), wild roses and gentians. 
Golden eagles, goshawks and sparrow-hawks, along with buzzards, peregrin hawks and jays fly here.
Moufflons, wild boars, foxes and martens, dormice and weasels find shelter here.

In the area of the “tacchi”,
vegetation is rich in heather, lentisk and terebrinth, pistache, with yews and hollies, thyme and helicrysum. Amongst the animals which find their home here there are moufflons, foxes, wild boars and wild cats.