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ALGHERO, north-western coast
a spanish town in Sardinia



Alghero is one of the most important tourist centres in Sardinia.

It is the only city in Sardinia where people speak Catalan, which was introduced by the Spaniards, who ruled the city for over 400 years.

The old town, with its Aragonese buildings, the surrounding walls and towers, the beaches, caves, cliffs and nightlife, make Alghero a unique place to visit.

  • population: 42,000
  • area: 224,4 sq. km
  • altitude: 7 m a.s.l.
  • geographical position: Alghero is located on the north-western
    coast of Sardinia, on the southern point of Nurra, in front of the
    Gulf of Alghero, 35 km from Sassari
  • economy: tourism, food-processing, chemical industry,
    vineyards and wine-making, several handicraft-based industries


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