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Utrecht, Holland.


  • Atmosphere: elegant and distinguished, with lot of Sardinian decor items    
  • Food: Sardinian and Italian cooking specialities; meat and fish dishes
  • Specialities: burrida; grilled pecorino with bitter honey; sea bream cooked with vernaccia
  • Wines: selection of Sardinian and Italian wines 
  • Average Price / person: 35 / 40 €, drinks included  
  • Map  (Google Maps)


  • Name: “Sardegna” restaurant
  • Town: Utrecht, Holland 
  • Location: downtown
  • Address: Oudegracht 161 A/D Werf
  • Tel: +31 030 231 15 90  
  • Fax: +31 030 231 15 90 
  • E-Mail:
  • Website: http://www.sardegna-ristorante.nl 
  • Recommended by: Oscar Europa – A.E.S.E.C.


  • Seating: 90
  • Air Conditioning: YES
  • No smoking area: YES   
  • Accessible to the Disabled: n.a. 
  • Credit Cards: YES
  • Outdoor Dining: n.a.  
  • Weekly Day Off: Sun.
  • Closed: 16 jul. / 6 aug. (2007)

In Utrecht downtown, since 1982, the italian restaurant Sardegna is synonym of quality and practice. It obtained the Oscar Europa from A.E.S.E.C. in 1988, and in 1998 the insign of “italian restaurant in the world”.

Sardegna is run by Casti family; Gianni, the husband, is also the chef of the restaurant. During his 47-years of cooking, he travelled around Europe and collected several experiences as sommelier, maitre, restaurants and hotels director, with some of the most important and influent hotel companies of the world. With its exclusivity, its classical-italian cooking style and its warm hospitality, Sardegna restaurant has obtained an international reputation.

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