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Milan, Italy.


  • Atmosphere: rustic and seafaring, walls are decorated with murales paintings   
  • Food: Sardinian cooking specialities; wide fish dishes choice
  • Specialities: fregola with shellfishes; prawns “alla catalana”; mixed grilled fishes
  • Wines: good selection of Sardinian and italian wines  
  • Average Price / person  : 35 / 40 €, drinks included
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  • Name: Ristorante “Gallura 1988” 
  • Town: Milan, Italy 
  • Location: Trade fair area, West Milan 
  • Address: Via Garigliano 70/A
  • Tel: +39 02 462 896 
  • Fax: +39 02 433 15 189 
  • E-Mail: info@gallura1988.it      
  • Website: http://www.gallura1988.it/ 
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  • Seating: n.a.
  • Air Conditioning: YES
  • Accessible to the Disabled: n.a.
  • Credit Cards: YES
  • Outdoor Dining: n.a. 
  • Weekly Day Off: Mon. and Thu. lunch
  • Closed: September

I began cooking bottarga, (gray mullet roe), Catalonia -style spiny-lobster, fregola and Mixed raw Seafood, a real novelty at that time all served with, obviously, Sardinian wines.I am afraid I am a bit overconfident in saying that success came very early, so that after only 6-months activity I managed to enlarge the restaurant hall and to refurnish the kitchen.I have always tried to create and prepare dishes belonging to my home-land, Sardinia, to which I am particularly tied.

With the help of my cousin Renzo Corona, owners of At Renzo’s restaurant in Sia Maggiore, Oristano, I crated dishes according to the true and old Sardinian tradition.As you can see in the pictures here above, the restaurant has been furnished with Tonino Loi’s pictures and sculptures to create “a night in Sardinia’s style”, with starred sky, ethnical colors, every little details has been arranged to let you feel you are dining at Baia Chia and plunge yourself in the old atmosphere of nuraghi.

20 years passed from that day, but my passion has not diminished an inch and the love I feel for my job and my clients let me offer you my best efforts and excellent food quality.

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